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"If you talk to the animals they will talk to you and you will know each other.  If you do not talk to them, you will not know them.  What you do not know, you will fear.  What one fears, one destroys."
Chief Dan George

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Razzberry the Raccoon

Razzberry the Raccoon

Allow me to introduce myself, Razzberry is the name. Yes, Razzberry, with the accent on the z. Razzberry Raccoon, the one and only. As you have probably figured out, I'm a raccoon and a young one at that.  Being so young, I don't know how to write, so I'm dictating my story to my friends at AWRE

I was out with my family early one morning on dawn patrol, when we came across a trashcan full of wonderful treats and an even more fascinating place to explore.  After eating my fill and examining almost all of the cans, crevices, wrappers, and what have you, I became very sleepy. Such a wonderful place had to be a safe place for a quick nap.

To make a long story short, I fell sound asleep, as most young raccoons will, and did not notice when my mom and family left. I was so sound asleep from my adventurous evening I did not notice when humans found me curled up in a little fur ball, snoozing away. I didn't even wake up when they placed me in a warm box lined with towels; quite a step up from a trash can, I must say. Actually, if they would have just left me alone, my mom would have come back for me within 24 hours.

These nice people fell in love with me. How could they help it? I'm a raccoon. I'm cute, adorable and so intelligent. They cradled me in their arms and bottle fed me. They gave me so much love and human contact, I forgot I was a raccoon and became what is called "imprinted."I quickly learned humans are my friends, my source of food, treats and companionship. I was no longer a wild raccoon, but on my way to becoming a house pet.  Continued on page two...

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