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"If you talk to the animals they will talk to you and you will know each other.  If you do not talk to them, you will not know them.  What you do not know, you will fear.  What one fears, one destroys."
Chief Dan George

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Box Turtle with Metabolic Bone Disease

Box TurtleI received a call from a woman who had a pet box turtle.  She stated she had had it for about a year and she originally acquired this pet from a couple that had it for over 7 years. She described its symptoms and I automatically recognized all the symptoms of Metabolic Bone Disease.  She stated she couldnít afford the vet bills and asked if she could surrender ownership of the turtle of which I naturally agreed to.  She did get this poor critter into my hands within 45 minutes after our phone call. This poor creature is a classic example of why people should not have pets.  This poor guy is so deformed from Metabolic Bone Disease along with a total lack of proper lighting, it breaks ones heart. 

Metabolic Bone Disease, MBD, is caused from an improper diet, a diet lacking proper calories, proper vitamins, and proper minerals or balancing said contents.  If you do not have a 3:1 ratio of calcium and phosphorous I can guarantee a horrible future for the animal involved.  This is the result of what I personally consider 8 years of neglect but the good news is we can treat an improper diet and the results of improper lights. 

AWRE is successfully treating this critter and all signs are positive.  Iím sure he has a long and happy future ahead of him.  We even have an excellent home for him once heís healed.  Please remember it is important to learn about the correct nutritional requirements of your pet and provide it a properly balanced diet as well as proper lighting.


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